Member of the month of September

Member of the month of September:    


1. Where are you from, what is your occupation, what hobbies/interest do you have outside of CrossFit?
a. West Palm Beach, Florida.
b. Attorney
c. Traveling, Beach, Reading, spending time with friends and family.

2. What got you into CrossFit?
Pierre – when he was starting Hustle Hard last year, I did some legal work for him. He asked me to come check it out. At first I was somewhat reluctant, but here I am a year later.

3. How has Hustle Hard CrossFit changed/impacted your life?
It has helped me become the fittest I’ve ever been. I went from a size 34 waist to 31. I pay more attention what I eat and try to eat healthier.

4. What about Hustle Hard CrossFit do you love?
The fellow members. It’s a diverse group. Everyone encourages each other. Also seeing everyone working toward improving their skills and then hitting new personal goals.

5. Your Favorite Crossfit movement or wod?
Squat cleans.

6. Your least Favorite CrossFit movement or wod?
A wod with Turkish get ups.

7. How does CrossFit helps you in your day to day life?
For one, I sleep better and result I get up earlier than I ever did prior to doing crossfit. Gives me more time in the day to get things done.

8. What if/any fitness, health goals do you have?
Goal is to be proficient at all the various movements. Master that pesky double under. Maybe try my hand competing later on.


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